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Psychiatric Services Editor Lisa Dixon, M.D., M.P.H., and Podcast Editor and co-host Josh Berezin, M.D., M.S., discuss key aspects of research recently published by Psychiatric Services. Tune in to learn about the latest mental health services research and why it is relevant. Topics include community-based treatment programs, collaborative care, evidence-based treatment and service delivery, criminal and social justice, policy analysis, and more.

Apr 7, 2021

Marie Brown, Ph.D., and Nev Jones, Ph.D., join Dr. Dixon and Dr. Berezin to discuss steps to build a pipeline of researchers with significant psychiatric disabilities and intersecting lived experiences and to increase service user participation in the U.S. mental health care system.

Dr. Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist, postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and a cofounder of Hearing Voices Network NYC. Dr. Jones is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of South Florida.

  • How the authors began their collaboration [1:35]
  • Genesis of the collaboration on the two Open Forum pieces in Psychiatric Services [2:38]
  • Background of advocacy to have people with lived experience in mental health research positions [5:00]
  • A paradigm of what meaningful participation would look like [7:59]
  • Should the same standards of participation and inclusion apply to other research areas? [11:47]
  • Is research disconnected from practice? [16:01]
  • Steps the research community and academia can take to address these issues [22:11]
  • Self-disclosure of psychiatric disability/lived experience [27:30]
  • Deepening engagement of service user participation within the mental health system [31:50]
  • The “radical roots” of the concept of peer support [34:33]
  • What relational psychotherapy has to do with deepening engagement and service user participation [39:18]
  • How Dr. Brown’s experience with the Hearing Voices movement has informed her work [46:31]
  • Activities designed to deepen engagement and help build a diverse lived experience pipeline [48:19]

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